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released October 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Brooklyn, New York

On May 19th, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds will unleash ten irresistible anthems that comprise The Weather Below, their most rambunctious, raucous, and righteous recording to date. The album, which Kincheloe describes as “loud, fun, and supposed to make you feel good," was produced by Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers) and is being released by 30 Tigers (St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Jason Isbell). ... more

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Track Name: The Long Way
The Long Way

What time did you get off work tonight baby
I think I would know if you were heading home
You got lost, didn't ya? You got tossed, didn't ya?
You found love on your way home

Ooo, how could you ever do what you're doing?

- Chorus -
I think you took the long way home

What's become of us, darling I know you
Used to love me like I was the only
But now you stepping out, you with her helping out
Leaving me so sad and lonely

Well you, you got another thing coming to you


- Bridge -
Well I've got no choice but just to follow as you do
But if I'd only known, yes I'd be doing dirty just like you


- Out chorus -
How'd you think it was gonna feel, you turning out a twisted deal
How'd you think this was gonna be, you know I ain't your property
Can't live with, can't live without but I hear the lies coming out your mouth
Whoa girl, that's cold as ice, come over here and we'll play nice
Well you're all over town with another love you make me pray to The Lord above
Come on girl if you put me down you know I'm gonna be out on the town
How'd you think this was gonna go, your cheating/crazy ways I'm out the door (x2)
Track Name: Fight
It's late that's it you wanna call it quits
Good lord is that all there is?
I guess it's enough, you wanna give up
How could that be all your love?

- Chorus -
You gotta fight, fight, fight for it baby (x2)

You been true to only you
And I've been seeing you through
I stood behind, swallowed my pride
But now I cannot be denied


I bet you tire of all my fire
And every insanity
You drive me crazy, baby you make me wild
It's a shame that it's just me

- Bridge -
Is it worth anything at all? (x2)
Well you've got to prove that to me and fight, fight, fight

Track Name: Boogie Man
Rain on your windshield, when the sky turns green
He wants you in his force field so you can feel his mean
He's hiding in the darkness, he lives under your bed
Working up his sharpness, or is he in your head?

Oh he's gonna get get getcha
Oh he's gonna pass over me
Oh he's gonna get get getcha
So we can be free

You like how you wake up, you like how that feels
You gotta put on your makeup and slap on them heels
You can feel his pulse go, boogie boogie through your skin
So the rest of us know we can all get down again

Do you want to be free?
Track Name: Crawdaddies
Night crawlers, crawdaddies; daddy B don't worry
We gon' get up to get down
Laugh off your pretenses, shake off your hesitences
Take your shoes off to get loud

Cause It's on from now on, don't stop before the dawn
Let the water wash you down
Gonna be a good old time, feel it down your spine
This is the town

Well we're below the sea level, friends to Whiskey Devil
Good things in life come in glass
Lack nothing, stack to bring the fanny pack you know it makes me sing
So loud, get kicked out so fast


You fall in step, lose your head, know the beat's heart instead
Inside out it will make you love
Well you feel it in your feet, I feel it in my chest, close your eyes this is the best
I said close your eyes this is the best